This is How Pilot-turned-Photographer Matt Jacob Shares his Perception of Different Environments Through Portrait Photography

An environmental portrait is the real deal when it comes to capturing people in their element. It’s all about getting out of the studio and into the natural surroundings that define the subjects. These portraits bring together basic photography skills like lighting and posing with the meaningful settings that create a lasting impression. One photographer who has mastered this technique is Matt Jacob. He has a talent for showcasing people in their natural habitats and capturing the beauty in everyday moments.

Matt’s been honing his photography skills since he was a youngster, building up his portfolio over the years. As a pilot, he’s traveled far and wide, capturing his experiences with a camera. He’s also taken on several personal projects that have led him to meet people from diverse cultures all over the world. Matt prefers to capture people in their natural setting, which is why he went out into the hot desert to visit the Lost Tribes in the Arabian Peninsula. Here, he photographed people living in the harshest of conditions, just like their ancestors did many years ago.

The Bedouin people of the Middle East were a part of Matt’s continued desire to educate himself and others through visual art. Many have been driven from their homelands and are being forced to give up their way of life because it doesn’t fit within the confines of urbanization. Matt wanted to share their stories and show the world how urbanization and globalization are affecting ancient tribes that have been around for centuries.

Mongolia is home to a significant population of nomads, and Matt had the chance to meet one of these tribes during his travels. Despite the frigid temperatures and harsh terrain, he captured the Eagle Hunters of the Altai Mountains. These people use eagles to help them hunt for meat and are considered some of the most fascinating tribes to exist. Matt’s images showcase their resilience in the face of tough conditions and their commitment to keeping alive the traditions of their ancestors.

Through his photographs, Matt aims to capture authentic moments that tell a story. He believes that photography can reveal the essence of a person and help us to understand and respect others from different cultures. By sharing his images, Matt hopes to bridge gaps between people and promote a greater understanding of our world.

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